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Edited By: Sahana Inuganti

Home can be thought of as a complete picture encompassing little jigsaw pieces of various memories. We attach these memories to places and people. Maybe our entire lives we go to different places and meet people to collect little jigsaw pieces to complete the picture of our home. The various phases of my life— when I changed schools, when I left my childhood home for college, when I went on a vacation to Kashmir, have made me feel more at home in this arbitrary world. However, the places that are becoming the greatest source of puzzle pieces are my hometown and my college campus. 

Back in my hometown, most of my evenings are spent on the terrace, watching the sunset. I reflect, introspect and clear my mind during this time. My gallery fills up with sunset pictures and I spam my friends with them in the hope that they would understand how much that time and place means to me. Sometimes I take my family, especially my little brother and we vibe to some good music together. The chill vibe, relaxation, and involvement of my favourite people has turned this into a core memory. 

Sometimes I find myself feeling cozy in the common room surrounded by my friends after a long day of classes. RH4 commons has been our hangout spot for the longest time. I go there to clear my mind and have a bit of fun. Sometimes we spend the entire night watching movies together. A few of us run up to our rooms to get our hoodies or comforters and the rest of us go to make maggi for everyone. As the sun  comes up, we go to have breakfast together.

There is an old couch in my apartment. My grandparents had gifted it to my mother when she had gotten married. We have placed it near one of the windows at our place. The window is adorned with several plants in hanging pots of different colours. I like to sit there and work. This old couch has been a constant all these years. I still remember playing peek-a-boo on it with my brother when he was young. Sometimes, my mother sits on it and sings for us, and obviously, my father sits on it to watch his Whatsapp videos at full volume. It is kind of a portal that takes me back to all those memories and more. 

Dhaba is the most happening place on campus after midnight. You can find both people who missed their dinner and people who had an early dinner. It’s like home where you can expect to get food no matter what time it is. The absence of red brick walls sometimes makes you feel like you are somewhere else. The fragrance of hot cooked food, the clanking of vessels, and good music fills the air  with energy. Devouring a delicious thali over a debate about some capitalism/socialism stuff and having ice cream afterward sounds like a perfect weekend plan.

The roads leading up to the airport in my hometown are lined with trees and usually have low traffic. It is normal for cars to speed up on that stretch of road. I remember sitting in the backseat of our car with windows rolled down. As the wind breaks in, I close my eyes in an attempt to seal this memory in my mind forever. The rush of air and the speed of the car fills me  with adrenaline. Be it a drive with friends or a dinner outing with family, this part is the most fun. 

The mess lawns are the best place to hang out after a hot summer day. The evening breeze and beautiful Sonipat skies make for a good time. Sitting on the grass as the sun goes down, surrounded by red brick walls, and chatting with your friends about what all happened in your classes that day. I realized that the friends who would enjoy the sunset with me changed. The idea of home revolves around change and instead of holding on to the lifeless frame of a dead relation, one must let go. The people with whom I click the golden hour pictures might have changed but I still feel  lingering gratitude for everyone who has ever contributed to my picture of home.

Unnati is pursuing Economics at Ashoka University. When she is procrastinating (which happens a lot), she can be found looking at cat reels or listening to one of her 70 playlists on spotify.