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Two months ago, I read an article in the newspaper claiming that knitting and crocheting are no longer activities constrained to the provenance of the old and grandmotherly. They are now, more than ever, being taken up by young women as avid interests, exciting pastimes, and hip hobbies. I suppose it makes a strange kind of sense; in a pandemic where time seems to stand still, the youthful populace has taken a leap into the distant future, learning skills they might have waited decades to become familiar with otherwise. I myself picked up crochet this summer and I have to say, I have no regrets. I’m a convert. One of my close friends learned how to knit and crochet last year and the bug just spread. Now, I own my own set of hooks and spend all my spare time on Pinterest looking for the next new idea. It’s fantastic! So, to convince you to become a crochet-head too, I’ve put together a list explaining why I think it’s simply an amazing hobby to have.

5 Reasons I think Crochet rocks

  1. It’s So Easy (no, really)

Crocheting is a super-easy skill to learn. I myself used a couple of Youtube videos to tutor myself. The great thing about crocheting is that once you master the basic action of creating loops with your hook and two or three different stitches, it’s possible to make literally anything. People on the internet are eager to share their knowledge—patterns, tips and tricks, helpful resources—and there’s a large community out there waiting to embrace any new learners.

  1. The Cuteness Factor 

One of the things that drew me to crochet is all of the things you can make—and how cute they look when finished! Not only can you stitch together the usual suspects of sweaters, socks, hats, scarves, and the like but you can also make other adorable things. I discovered a specific crochet/knitting style called amigurumi which you can use to make the cutest stuffed toys. I made an octopus (christened Sir Snugglemuffin) who now sits on my desk. You can also make granny squares, phone covers, purses, mug warmers, and more. These can also be used for gifting purposes—so not only are you making nice things, you are also showing the person you give them to how much they mean to you. 

  1. Intense Satisfaction 

I just have to mention, the satisfaction you get from completing a crochet project is immense. It might sound slightly narcissistic, but once I complete a project, I can’t stop admiring it or wearing it for two days afterward because I’m so proud of myself. There’s something very fulfilling about looking at a bag or a top and saying, “Can you believe I made that? That used to be a ball of yarn and now it’s an actual usable item.” Finishing up a project makes you feel productive and on top of things while ensuring that you’ve had fun doing the actual work. 

  1. Busy Bee Energy 

Crocheting is a task that keeps you busy. Especially now, when we’re all stuck at home, we seem to have a lot more hours of the day to fill, and crochet helps. Your hands are always working and you don’t need to use too much brainpower, making it the perfect activity to occupy yourself with. You can even multitask with crochet, watching TV, listening to music, participating in conversation, all the while keeping your hands busy. It’s a great way to feel productive without working too hard!

  1. Useful Skill to Have 

These days, crocheted items are extremely popular. Once you know how, you can make crop tops, bandanas, and even dresses; not to mention, decorative items for your room or house (I’ve been wanting to make a pouf for ages but haven’t gotten the chance yet). Besides gifting these items to loved ones, you can also make a little money on the side by selling them. People love handmade things and crochet is a flexible skill. If you don’t want to commercialize the activity, you can always just keep your projects for yourself. It’s a good skill to add to your repertoire, no matter what you choose to use it for.

Well, that’s the end of my listicle. Now that you know why crochet is the best, I hope you’re thinking about going out, buying some colourful yarn, and diving straight in! Trust me, you’ll never look back.

Surabhi Jain

Ashoka '21

A fourth-year English and Creative Writing major, Surabhi is always in possession of 20 different kinds of tea, watermelon-pink kitten earmuffs and galaxy-printed leggings. Her many talents include the art of hugging, marathon Netflixing and catnaps.
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