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For the next few days, the internet will have divided opinions on Valentine’s Day. Amidst this mayhem, we must not forget that another cute non-official holiday is waiting for us. In 2010, the popular series, Parks & Recreation, released an episode called “Galentine’s Day.” The protagonist, Leslie, celebrated a day before Valentine’s, by throwing a party for her female friends. And, the 13th of February has since been celebrated as Galentine’s Day, marking a day of recognising and celebrating female friendships.

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Now that we have marked this day on our calendars, let us look at some of the “I’m not like other girls” ways that we can celebrate our beautiful female friendships online (thanks to the pandemic):

1. Presentation Party

NO! DON’T STOP READING YET. I promise this is nothing like the book review presentation that you gave in your class last week (or it could be, it’s up to you).

The point of this gathering will be to make a presentation for your friends. It could be anything from what you feel very strongly about, to how your life has been.

Catching up with your old friends by reliving some of your best memories or talking about your interests with the new ones can turn out to be an exciting activity. These presentations will both act as conversation starters and a compilation of memories (or your very passionate thoughts).

Take this as an excuse to revisit old photo albums, find memes that suit your friends’ personalities or reignite the 2015 blue dress/white dress debate (it was blue).

2. Online Cooking Date

A perfect Sunday of the 13th can be made better with some baked goods! It could be a peaceful baking session with casual chit-chat, followed by exchanging recipes and convincing each other that their chocolate cake is the best.

For more fun, this activity can be made time-bound. Watch the chaos unfold as your friends cry in frustration, dropping the entire whipped cream bowl and blaming their cats for overbaked cookies; followed by convincing others that their chocolate cake is the best, even more aggressively.

3. Shopping with Besties (online version)

You can visit your favourite online stores with your friends, with or (mainly) without the actual intention of buying something. Browse through the different options and imagine your favourite fictional characters wearing them. “Joey from friends would definitely kill it in that green jumpsuit.” 

Gauge your friends’ interests, take note of it and maybe surprise them with their favourites on their next birthday!

And now, two bonus ideas for the lucky ones who can actually meet their friends in person:

4. Terrace picnic

A Sunday afternoon, the warm winter/early spring sun and a cute picnic basket can make for a memorable outing. Nostalgic 2010s Bollywood music in the background will set the mood. Clicking photos with the terrace garden plants in the background and even a game of cards or a board game seems like a fun addition. 

Everyone can prepare one part of the meal for lunch (or order secretly). Being around your friends will make this experience memorable, insta-perfect photos will just be an extra (not our priority at all!). 

5. Costume Theme Party

“Ugh this is such a generic idea” 

No gotcha! This themed party will have a twist. Everyone will be given a different theme by the host, without the knowledge of others. The reactions when they see a 70s actress, a rap artist and a zombie walk-in will be priceless. This can be followed by traditional party games and lots of food!

Female friendships are a major support system, especially during a stressful college experience. Taking out a day to recognise these associations is a great way of showing gratitude. These ideas will hopefully be an incentive to meet the deadlines sooner and enjoy a beautiful weekend with your female friends. 

Pursuing Economics at Ashoka University.
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