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7 Latest Beauty Products You NEED To Get Your Hands On!

2018 has welcomed us with open arms and a whole lot of fresh excitement! In the new semester, with new courses and new experiences, why should you leave your skin back in oh-so-passé 2017? As you settle into 2018, you must make sure your skin is set for the fabulous year to come! And what better way to do so than pampering yourself with the perfect beauty products?

There are an increasing number of options to choose from when it comes to shopping for cosmetics and other beauty products so we have curated a list of 7 must-haves if you want to keep your skin game on point this year. Have a look and choose the product combinations you feel would work best for you!

  1. Colorbar Get Gorgeous Starter Kit

This kit is perfect for those venturing into the world of beauty and cosmetics. It contains a mini blush, a nail lacquer, a mattee lipstick, and a kajal. It’ll provide you with the basics of make-up so that you can look gorgeous every day, with minimal product use. The kit is available in two different skin tone sets – Fair (Kit 001) and Warm (Kit 002).

2.) Nykaa Glow Getter Highlighting & Illuminating Duo

With a brand new launch of a dual-hue combo palette, Nykaa is making sure you’ll start your year right! Choose between Warm Gold and Pure Gold (aka 24K Glam) shimmery appeal on the left, or the Rose Gold and Blonde Gold (aka Glitterati) glitter fest on the right! You can’t go wrong with either, and both will give your face a long-lasting contour. You can view the product her

3) L’Oreal True Match BB Cream

The days of foundation-use are close to an end and the reason behind this, are the new tinted moisturizers! They hydrate your skin and provide a tinted base that acts as foundation. The L’Oreal True Match BB Cream is a good choice for a tinted moisturizer because the True Match series is tailor-made for Indian skin in terms of both skin tone and well as skin quality. The True Match BB Cream series has offered 3 distinct shades so far: Honey, Gold, and Ivory. Head on over to Nykaa and pick the BB cream shade that best suits your ski

4) Maybelline New York Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Pencil

This make-up product is highly recommended for those who love that zing and extra dash of drama in their lives! Add a bold style statement to your look with any of the nine available colors in Maybelline’s new gel pencil: Glossy Emerald, Polished Amethyst, Lustrous Sapphire, Silken Turquoise, Striking Copper, Soft Nude, Smooth Charcoal, Glazed Toffee, and Sleek Onyx. This gel pencil has a maximum of 16 hours of wear time, that practically means 16 hours of you being in spotlight! Pick your favorite shade and buy the gel pencil here!

5) Lotus Herbal Ecostay Crème Lip Crayon

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about your lips! Lotus’s Herbal Lip Crayon collection offers a variety of shades to suit all skin tones and color preferences! Ranging from Crimson Craze to Fuchsia French, this lip crayon is smudge-proof and long-lasting! Another plus point is the fact that the lip crayon ensures damage-free lips as its free from chemicals and preservatives. Add a little pop to your lips with the entire collection; available for sale here.

6) The Body Shop’s Strawberry Body Butter

For an overall healthy, lively glow, it’s important to ensure your skin stays hydrated. To help moisturizing your skin and getting rid of its dryness, we recommend The Body Shop’s Strawberry Body Butter. It is the highest rated Body Butter on the Body Shop website and ensures complete absorption and skin hydration. Using body creams ensures that your skin gets the soft, smooth texture that it so rightfully deserves! The fruity fragrance of this product is almost as appealing as the sale price itself! This product is now on discount here.

7) Forest Essentials Make Up Remover Oil

A proper makeup removal procedure is of crucial importance to skin maintenance. Leaving makeup on for extended periods of time and/or going to bed without removing your makeup has proven to be very harmful for the skin. We recommend the Forest Essentials Makeup Remover Oil for this very purpose. It’s herbal and successfully removes every last bit of makeup from your face. It is easy to use and leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh. You can purchase this product here.

We’ve done our part and given you a range of products to choose from, with each product allowing you to embellish a different part of you. Now, it’s your time to shine in the spotlight with your flawless skin, pouty lips, and dramatic eyes! Try the products listed here and let us know which combinations worked the best for you and your skin!

Edited by Vedika Gupta




Freshman @ Ashoka University, India. A determined writer and a passionate dancer.
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