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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ashoka chapter.

Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide on 8th March to celebrate womanhood and the achievements of women from all the strata, be it social, political, media, academic or anything else. The first women’s day was celebrated in New York on 28th February 1909 by the Socialist Party of America. This article will provide information about women’s initiatives at Ashoka University in various fields.

Ruhi’s Logo


1. Ruhi

Ruhi was formed to teach the didis (female staff) on campus basic English in order to make them feel more empowered and bring a sense of purpose to their lives. This initiative was started by Ayushi Jain, a fourth year and Vasundhara Gupta, a second year. Many students are helping the didis on campus learn English. This society is a great start to help make women feel more empowered. Ayushi and Vasundhara are currently expanding the society to reach out to the male staff too!


Ruhi’s co-founder Ayushi with the didis  

2. Shabd

Shabd is an initiative started by Ishita Sehgal, Varisha Tariq, and Gauri Jhangiani on campus. Shabd is a book club which aims to make the students on campus read more fictitious books. The club also aims to make students more aware of the fictitious books by reading and discussing them over a period of time. It’s a great initiative by Ishita, Varisha and Gauri!


Jugnu’s founders

3. Jugnu

Jugnu is an initiative started by Shivani Bajaj and Kamala Rao to make residence lives more beautiful and decorated. Jugnu aims to make hostel rooms look more like home. Kamala and Shivani make room decors like fairy lights, postcards, handmade string cards, paintings, postcards, et al.


Jugnu’s products on sale at Banjaara


4. Neev

Neev is a community engagement club on campus which engages with the school children from the village of Asawarpur through various activities. It is not only limited to education but the society also plans various play days and fun activities for the kids. This initiative was started by Uttara Chaudhari and Chakshu Chabra with the aim to engage with the neighbourhood kids and spread awareness and knowledge to them.


5. Meri Dastan

Meri Dastan is a storytelling club on campus. This club aims for students on campus to come share their stories with others. While some have scintillating stories to tell, some just like to share their journey; the club welcomes all and is a celebrated one on campus. It was started by Shweta Kumari, a YIF and is currently run by Anupriya Kukreja, a third year.

Do Numberi’s Logo


6. Do Numberi

Do Numberi is an art exhibition shop started by Vaishnavi Agarwal and Narmada Varadrajan on campus. This duo makes calendars, monthly planners, bookmarks, postcards, et al, inspired by the moments happening on campus. They aim to make students’ academic life more helpful through their handmade works.

Do Numberi’s popular reusable calendars



7. Tasveer Mubarak

Tasveer Mubarak’s innovative bookmarks featuring photographs taken around campus by founder Aayushi Deshpande


Tasveer Mubarak is an initiative started by Aayushi Deshpande, who is a huge lover of photography and camera. The name of the initiative is Tasveer Mubarak, which means, congratulations on your photo.  Aayushi clicks photos and makes stickers and postcards from the photos she has clicked. She started this initiative because she strongly believes that photographs can contain time-space within them!

Kintsugi co-founder Prachi Palod and Charuvi Lokare


8. Kintsugi

Kintsugi is a student-led initiative which aims to provide a platform to discuss students’ mental problems as well as tackle the stigma around them. This initiative was started by Prachi, Shivangi, Amiya, Akshatha, Ester, Rishika and Charuvi. It is a great start and is a safe space for people to talk about their well being and mental health.

Simran Bhuria, Founder and President of the Women in Computing Society


9. Women In Computing Society

WiCS is an acronym for the ‘Women in Computing Society’. This society was initiated by Simran Bhuria, a third-year undergraduate student. WICS aims to build, support, encourage and strengthen the community of women in Computer Science at Ashoka. This initiative makes the people who believe that Computer Science is a branch studied solely by men stop and rethink.  

10. Slam Poetry Club

The Red Brick Words is a slam poetry club started by Vibhuti Gour, a third-year undergraduate student. This club is meant for people who love to write, read, slam and listen. The club performs poetry on campus at various events.


These are the initiatives led by women at Ashoka. We hope you liked the motives behind each and every club/ society. All these great ideas were started by women; all of them have had a great start and are recognized well on campus. These initiatives are a proof of the fact that there is nothing left untouched by women; they have reached every corner of the society and taken steps to improve its condition. On this note, wishing you all a very Happy Women’s Day!


Edited by Priyanka Shankar

Photographs curated by Viraj Malani

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