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Your Dad’s XL Sweatshirt in Fruition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Arkansas chapter.


My only love interest is an XL sweatshirt that falls nearly to my knees and was most likely previously owned by a 90-year-old man, thrifted by my father, and stolen by me. It is virtually a hug, blanket, and vintage statement piece all in one. Typically paired with a pair of equally comfortable shorts, XL sweatshirts are not being used to their full potential. Let’s face it: your go-to piece of clothing deserves more, and so do you. 

The answer to our desire for comfort and confidence has been overlooked for so long! The key is to pair a belt with your dress-like sweatshirt, defining that killer waist you have. Following this, your shoe game is entirely based on your style. Doc Martens, sneakers, heels, essentially whatever makes you feel most confident. Add a pair of biker shorts for greater length or just an addition to the fit itself. 

The struggle of deciding whether to dress cute or comfortable has been too real for me, anyone else? I feel most confident when my outfit is both stylish and reflective of my inner self. I love this fit because it is so easy to express yourself while still being comfortable throughout the day. 

Grab that XL sweatshirt, style it with whatever makes you feel AMAZING, and strut your fabulous self around wherever you go!

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Haven King

Arkansas '22

Hello babes !! I’m Haven King, a 19 year-old Arkansas girl. Writing has been one of my passions for as long as I can remember and I am pursuing it as a degree at the University of Arkansas. My love of fashion, traveling and well, life- has led me here. So, I hope you enjoy seeing the world through my eyes!