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What to Pack for a Ski Vacation

Winter break is just a week away. You could be preparing for a month of cuddling on your favorite couch at home, or you could be thinking about what to pack for your upcoming vacation. A popular vacation choice for winter break is to go skiing. Skiing is always a great time, but trying to pack for the cold is the hardest. Here is a perfect list of clothes to pack that will keep you warm but still stylish on your trip!

–       Snow boots

–       Riding boots

–       Gloves

–       Winter jacket

–       Sweaters (Easy to pair with just a pair of jeans and boots and keeps you warm)

–       Scarf (Keep the color neutral so it’s easy to wear with everything)

–       Jeans (Dark wash are always a great pick)

–       Fleece lined leggings

–       Fuzzy socks

–       Ear warmer

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