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Unique Big/Little Gifts and Crafts

Summer is half over, so you sorority girls know what that means- craft season! As a sorority girl myself, I've been hardcore researching cute ideas for my future little. We all want those unique gifts that no one else has thought of. First things first, log on to Pinterest. It is a wonderful tool in the life of a girl, but we all knew that. I've come up with 5 super cute (but different!) Big/Little gifts to help things run a little smoother in the hectic crafting sessions.

1.) Wreaths. Instead of decorating your little's door, try something simple and FAST (so you won't risk being caught.) There are a ton of different wreaths out there, from ribbon, yarn, or mesh. Here's a wreath I made a few years ago, and something I plan on making for my sweet little. You learn how to make a mesh one by clicking here.


2.) Reasons Why. In my Pinterest research I have found a lot of things like this. Basically it's a mason jar with reasons why Big loves Little! I've seen the reasons written on popsicle sticks, pebbles, and just rolled up pieces of paper. The jars are usually painted with their sorority colors and letters on the front of the jar. Tie a ribbon around the top for an extra flair! 

3.) Monograms.What girl doesn't love her monogram? Vinyl monograms are super cute and quirky decorations. I had one in my dorm freshman year and so many of my friends asked where I got it! They come in all colors, fonts, and sizes. I've even seen small ones on laptops and cars. You can do your sorority letters or your little's name. The Crown Shop in Little Rock, Arkansas is a great place to get them. They can ship your monograms straight to you if you live outside of Little Rock. You can place an order here: www.thecrownshop.com

4.)​ Bubba Kegs.These giant water jugs are becoming a sorority girl's new favorite accessory. My friend at the University of Alabama painted one with her monogram and a really cute Lilly P look alike pattern. These are also much easier than painting a big cooler! 

5.) Everything Chalk. During my freshman year, my roommates and I became obsessed with chalk. We had a chalkboard in our room and one on our door, and now we have a huge chalkboard wall in our house! Chalkboard paint is super easy to deal with and you slap it on just about anything. I've recently discovered unpainted wood cut into cute shapes makes a fun chalkboard for a dorm room. I've been working on one for my Little and I found a fun shaped piece of blank wood at Michael's and I tied a piece of burlap on the back to hang it on the wall. Just one of my many experiments this summer!

I hope these 5 unique crafts help in the stress of craft season. Happy crafting! 


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