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Top Trends to Expect this Fall : Inspired by New York Fashion Week)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Arkansas chapter.

New York Fashion Week arrived on September 6th and ended on September 14th, which has brought us some of the latest trends of Fall and early Winter. This week is not only one of the busiest times in New York City, but also an iconic and impactful week for the fashion community and industry as a whole. It quite bluntly declares what is considered in-style and allows room for critique and review of the newest innovations. Some clothing trends that are back that made a full circle in time include neon pumps, plaid, women’s blazers, puffy sleeves, and midi skirts.


Monochromatic Outfit


An outfit head to toe in the same color palette is quite daring to most, even me. With that being said, the thought of matching and combining different colors has essentially been thrown out the window for this trend. From it, an entirely new concept that is growing in acceptance was born. One person that has conceptualized this look is the singer, Billie Eilish. She is known for her overly baggy clothing but has also normalized a single-color look such as lime green and burnt orange. Some may find this idea bold, but I think it has the potential to appear sophisticated and fashionable depending on color and style choice. Some of the best monochromatic looks that have tastefully made a statement were in the color ranges of yellows, whites, and pinks. 




The pattern, plaid, has been a classic for hundreds of years and still, to this day, pronounces a classy and preppy appeal to consumers. During fashion week, plaid was brought to the runway by designers Marc Jacobs, Carolina Herrera, and Prabal Gurung. Plaid has made a comeback in streetwear brands as well. I have seen this combination of fabric with denim for patchworked jeans, which switches up the stigma of how plaid is typically portrayed. Additionally, the iconic Burberry “check” pattern has maintained its popularity in the plaid category and has remained a high-end brand for over 100 years. Clearly, fashion is timeless and allows innovations to be loved and appreciated again after years of rejection.




What trend screams 90’s more than a floral skirt that hits right below your knees? The mid-length skirt is a trend that has made its way through summer and into fall, and let me tell you; I am here for it. This skirt has been popularized by designers such as Tom Ford and Victoria Beckham. Bolder colors and animal prints have modernized this skirt that was once worn by the female cast of Friends over 20 years ago. It is such a comfortable addition to an outfit that can be worn down so well. All it needs is a pair of sneakers or mules, and just like that, you look like a conservative, yet trendy girl on the go. This piece, which was typically worn by older women in the early 2000s, now has an ageless component that allows people of each generation to appear stylish and put-together.

Puffy Sleeve


Another fashionable comeback found on the streets and runways of New York is the puffy sleeve. An exaggerated sleeve has not been entirely accepted since the 1980s, but it is here, and it is bold. This statement has appeared on bright-colored blouses as well as floor length couture gowns. It truly transforms the typical female body structure from having this petite frame to larger-than-life shoulders, but I find a sense of power attached to the detail which exhibits confidence. One clothing label, Sachin & Babi, created an orange ruffled dress that included puff sleeves. Not only was the dress absolutely stunning, but the fabric was made almost entirely out of corn. How is that for sustainable fashion?


Oversized blazer


Women have been sporting power suits for years now, not only in the corporate world but to awards shows and red-carpet events. I think we can agree that nothing communicates confidence and authority more than a woman in a suit. The oversized blazer trend takes this to another level, again by emphasizing aspects that women particularly don’t want to appear bigger such as their shoulders. On the runway, I have seen oversized blazers styled with denim jeans, miniskirts, and bold-patterned pants. Another concept that was put together aesthetically featured a monochrome black or white blazer with a matching mini skirt. The blazer could also be belted to define the waistline. Kendall Jenner even sported the trend but wore it as a dress and paired it with black tights and matching heels. 

I am an Apparel Merchandising and Product Development major at the University of Arkansas. I am interested in fashion design and creating a style that is unique and one of a kind.
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