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Top 5 Transitional Items for Fall

Summer has come to end which means one step closer to fall. The best part about fall is you don’t have to go out and buy new items. Layering and mixing & matching is a go-to when the crisp breeze arrives. Keep reading to learn the easy ways to still be stylish this fall without breaking the bank.

1. Jean Shirt

A jean shirt is great for layering for the early morning walks to class. You can easily tie around your waist during the warmest part of the day and still look fashionable.

2. Overalls

Overalls became a hit two years and are still going strong. Putting a light sweater underneath is a perfect weekend outfit when going to the farmers market. 

3. Cardigan

A cardigan is another way to keep warm on the chilly nights out when grabbing dinner with friends. A neutral cardi is great because will be able to match with more outfits. 


4. Booties

Booties are worn all season long. Dark washed jeans rolled up or a cute floral dress are the perfect go-to’s.

5. Scarf

Scarfs just screams fall. I tend to wear them during game days or on very cold days to add a pop to my outfit. 


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