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Study Break: Fun Stocking Stuffers for your Girlfriends

Is there anything more fun than shopping for your friends?! Here is a list of fun, girly items to fill their stockings with this holiday season.

1. Hair Bands: Because we all lose these at an alarming rate. Available at Target. 


2. Coffee Mugs: Because coffee always tastes better when you drink it out of a pretty mug. These mugs are also availiable at Target. 


3. Organizer: Because the average college students could really use a personal assistant to face their day-to-day schedules. This planner is available at www.katespade.com.


4. Socks: Because it’s a long winter walk to get from one side of campus to the other. These socks are available at Urban Outfitters. 


5. Vinylux: Because college students are too busy to deal with chipping nail polish… and too poor to deal with the price of getting them done. Vinylux is available on Amazon. 


6. Starbucks Gift Card: Because…do I even need to explain this one? Pick one up at your nearest Starbucks store. 


7. EOS Chapstick: Because it’s just more fun than the normal tube. Available at Target. 


8. Knit Headbands: Because once again, it’s pretty cold. Find handmade headbands on www.etsy.com.


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