"Spirited and Fun" Arkansas Freshman Anna Johnson Named Campus Cutie

Anna Johnson has been a close and personal friend of mine since our diaper days.

She's that "90's comfort classic", peppy and good movie on a Saturday night. I remember some of the best parts of my childhood being with Anna, and I seriously can't think of a person who better deserves to be crowned "Campus Cutie" than this girl.

Her parents would drive down from Fayetteville when I lived in Jonesboro to see us, and we would just have a blast. I don't think there was one thing we didn't get into trouble doing or laugh about - she's that friend you can laugh about stupid stuff with, and relate thing A to thing B and she totally gets it, when nobody else gets it. She's not afraid of going all-out and being who she is, and I think that's the kind of friend you hang on to.

Anna is a Freshman at Arkansas and a member of Alpha Omicron Pi. She has a younger sister, Emily, and graduated from Farmington High School. She loves fashion and majors in Business. Thanks for rocking so hard, Anna!