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SnapBox: Your Snapchat Nightmare

Snapchat has been a social media craze that has taken off like crazy. Its like the new form of communication. Why text when you can Snapchat? We’ve all sent a Snapchat so ratchet that you had to turn the timer down to like 2 seconds just so the person seeing it doesn’t have time to screenshot it. Or maybe some of us have even sent worse, maybe even a risky pic to the opposite sex.

If either of these pertain to you, you better listen up. There’s a new app out on the market called SnapBox, which allows you to open, view and save a snap without it ever showing that you even opened it from the sender’s app. All you have to do is log in with your Snapchat username and password, and you can access any unopened snap that you have received. Creepy, right? Just being aware that this app is available may save you from an extremely embarrassing moment, and maybe you will think twice about sending that questionable snap.  

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