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Shelby Everett: Spreadin’ Smiles!

Check out this Chi Omega princess! Shelby Everett is a Freshman at the University of Arkansas with a double major in Nursing and Spanish; coming all the way from Dallas, Shelby left behind two siblings — two brothers named Coleman and Cameron, but her sister is, literally, her sister! Shelby’s older sister, Taylor, is also a member of Chi Omega. 

“Shell-bae”, as her best friend calls her, is single and ready to mingle. Watch out, though, she’s got a thing for Austin Butler and One Direction. You’re up against some stiff competition, boys.

Some of Shelby’s favorites including watching Baseball (just the boys, not the game), chowing down on Chik-Fil-A and watching Modern Family. Shelby says that her most outstanding feature is definitely her eyes, and she can be described most accurately as “unpredictable”.

Like the rest of us, every princess has her habits. Shelby says she’s the worst about forgetting to text people back. Her biggest pet peeve is people who are rude to teachers and waiters.

If you’re looking to hang with Shelbs on a Friday night, you’ll probably find her out with her friends. Shelby is a bright, bubbly young woman who loves to share smiles and the Chi Omega spirit, all while calling the Hogs and being true to her friends. Stay fabulous, Collegiette!

Tiffany Ward, a Junior at the University of Arkansas, joined the Her Campus Arkansas team in 2013 and now serves as the chapter President. Along with being an English major, Tiffany has a minor in Legal Studies and Pre-Law emphasis. Tiffany is a loyal member of Alpha Omicron Pi. Tiffany loves to write articles that provide advice and fun to her readers.
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