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Preston Ramos

The life of the party, Preston Ramos, is known for being a good time. Whether that be on Thursday nights on Dickson or making straight A’s in his classes. Preston is a well rounded Phi Delta Theta who loves to make everyone laugh. Read more to find out all about this University of Arkansas southern man!


Hometown: Keller, Texas

Major: Biology

Year in School: Junior

Fraternity: Phi Delta Theta

Relationship Status: Hey ladies he’s single!



Sport: Football and Rugby

Fast food: Whataburger

Male Celeb Crush: Bear Grylls

Female Celeb Crush: Julianne Hough



One word to describe you: Driven

Best feature: Personality

Worst habit: Falling asleep in the middle of a movie


Q & A

What’s your most embarrassing moment?

First day of high school as a freshman I forgot to put on pants after our football practice before first period. Never gonna live that one down.

Name one thing you don’t understand about girls?

Drama between them and their best friends

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Bad drivers

What’s the best thing to get you on your birthday?

Food for sure, but beer is a close second  

University of Arkansas Kappa Delta attempting to go through college while maintaining a social life. 
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