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My Story: A Woman Against Modern Feminism

This is what an anti-feminist looks like. Me. A 19-year-old young woman who has not been a victim and does not feel that society is treating her any differently than any other man or woman who is black, white, yellow or blue.

First, I would like to get something straight regarding my standpoint: feminism is not a dirty word. Feminism is about equality. It is about equal pay, about men opening the door for young ladies and treating them with respect and not as property. I am not a feminist because society has painted feminism as the complete and total opposite. You think being a woman today is hard? Try being an anti-feminist shaking her head at the ridiculous rise in support for an almost nonexistent issue.

I do not need feminism because I believe that rape is not consistently the fault of a man, but can be the fault of a woman just as equally. Man-hating is not attractive nor should it be tolerated. Not all rapes are the fault of men. Women rape women. Men rape men. Women rape men. That’s right. Women rape men. Just in September of 2014, a woman in Seattle was charged with rape of a male in his own home, even after he told the woman to get off of him. She continued to engage in sexual intercourse with the man and demanded that he “be quiet”. Stop right there – I know what you’re thinking. A man is stronger than a woman, he could have forced her off him. Right? Of course he could have – but wait. Would the woman have cried abuse during her case trial? Possibly. A woman cannot get a man pregnant. Is that all anyone is concerned about regarding rape culture – getting pregnant? If so, we really need to re-evaluate our standing. In addition, I believe that the underage 17-year-old who becomes so belligerent that she would hardly be able to slur the word “no” is a victim of poor judgment. There are faults to both sides to be evaluated.

I do not need feminism because modern feminism is not empowering to me, it is terrifying. If this is what a feminist looks like, you can count me out. Many of you may have seen the drastically offense video titled “F Bombs for Feminism”. Due to the foul language included in the video, I have not included it here; rather, I have included a snipped from Fox News in which the video is featured and the language has been edited out. Please, take a look.

I do not need feminism because I do not need another war. Instead of rallying to separate ourselves from men, why are we not rallying to end our involvement in the affairs of other countries? I want to focus on changing our America by eliminating our national debt, creating more jobs for students in America who will pay more for an education than they will make; and yes – equal pay for women. I do not need to hide behind feminism to advocate that women be paid the same as men, and I do not need to blame men for our cultural issues.

I do not need feminism because I am not oppressed. I am not a victim. It is so shameful to preach that women in America are being socially oppressed when true oppression is occurring across the globe today. In China, women are forced to give up most children born a female. Talk about women being oppressed. ISIS is real, and it is mortifying that men and women of faith are being slaughtered before the eyes of their own societies which are supposed to accept them. Before we complain about the bug smeared on our windshield, perhaps we should take a step back and focus on getting out of the rainstorm.

I do not need feminism because I do not believe in the usage of false statistics and shock tactics to rally support.

I do not need feminism because I believe in chivalry. I cannot tell you how thankful I am that a man will offer to carry my heavy bags because he is, naturally, stronger than me. I will never give a man a cold shoulder and claim that I am a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need his help – it is appreciated. Yet here we stand, crying that chivalry is dead, while we demand that women pay for the dinners, open our own car doors and stand on the front lines on the battlefield beneath the cause of “feminism”. Men offer a hand to women out of respect, and we should value that respect. Stop issuing a double-standard for men and truly embrace being a woman, feminists. This does not make you weak. This makes you full of class and sophistication, and above all, dignity.

I do not need feminism because I accept that I am different from men. Men will be naturally better at certain things than women, just as women will naturally be better at certain things than men. Stop complaining that you aren’t qualified to work a forklift and admire the muscular gentlemen who do that for you. This makes them no better than you.

I do not need feminism because I will never allow other women to tell me how to respond to men in my life who have treated me with the utmost respect and adoration. I also do not need to be “fought for” when my life in America, as a woman, is so privileged.

I am not a victim. I am not a hypocrite. I am not an advocate for modern feminism, but I am a woman strongly against it.

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Tiffany Ward, a Junior at the University of Arkansas, joined the Her Campus Arkansas team in 2013 and now serves as the chapter President. Along with being an English major, Tiffany has a minor in Legal Studies and Pre-Law emphasis. Tiffany is a loyal member of Alpha Omicron Pi. Tiffany loves to write articles that provide advice and fun to her readers.
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