Locations We Love: Cold Stone Creamery

If you think that cover photo looks delicious, try tasting it.

Spring is finally here, and if you're anything like me, you have a sweet tooth so large that you could land a plane on it. I crave chocolate, fruity flavors, sour flavors and everything in between - and so does my boyfriend. It's an intense issue. You may be fighting to squeeze into that bikini from last year or dying for that newly-catalogued two-peice, but for an hour, just put the gym on hold and eat some ice-cream.

Yes, we're telling you to forget the diet and give into the temptations you see below. I mean, come on. Seriously. You cannot tell me that these ice-cream selections don't make your mouth water. On a hot day, it's ridiculouosly refreshing. The ice-cream from Cold Stone is also made fresh each day in the store with a variety of flavor and topping options laid out for you to choose from. Play around with flavors and make substitutions in pre-made menu selections (replacing the brownie peices with M&Ms in a Birthday Cake Remix is W-O-W) until you find your frozen favorite!

Banana Split Decision, Banana Caramel CrunchGermanchökolätekäke

Don't miss it! Check out Cold Stone in Fayetteville behind the Taco Bell on College Avenue.