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Jessica Simpson On Campus

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Arkansas chapter.

Emily Pulliam and Ellie Williams are proud campus representatives for Jessica Simpson, a brand of fashion-forward clothing and a campaign to inspire confidence in women everywhere. Here is a glimse of what it is like to be a campus ambassador for a large company such as Jessica Simpson!

What exactly is a Jessica Simpson campus representative?

The position of JS campus manager is just to promote the brand campus. This includes promoting on-trend designs as well as confidence and positive body image for all the college woman wearing Jessica Simpson products! This program is a semester long in order to celebrate it’s 10th anniversary! We have six events this semester and many of them are open to the entire campus. We have a Denim Bar coming up in October in which all girls who attend get a complimentary pair of jeans that fits them perfectly!

How did you get involved with the Jessica Simpson brand?

Getting involved with a marketing agency is the easiest way, however the initial campus representative position that I took as a sophomore I found through a link on Facebook. Her Campus also gave me so many opportunities! However, I was recruited for this campus representative position from LinkedIn.

What events do you host as a representative?

Being a brand ambassador takes many forms, however for the Jessica Simpson Collection campus manager program, my partner Ellie Williams and I will focus on promotional and informative activities that encourage active lifestyles with fashionable southern flare. The Jessica brand is all about trendy, sexy comfort so we are bringing that to Arkansas ladies!

Are there any benefits or incentives that accompany being a Jessica Simpson ambassador?

The best incentive by far was a trip to New York City, where we got to tour the design offices, meet with top executives and attend Jessica Simpson’s 10th Anniversary party. We even got to spend some time with Jessica herself!

Emily is a senior Marketing major at the University of Arkansas. This opportunity applies perfectly to her major and her career aspirations to be involved in the fashion industry as a marketing director. 

Jordan is an undergraduate at the University of Arkansas. She is a part of Alpha Omicron Pi, Schola Cantorum choral ensemble, and is majoring in English. Jordan is from Kansas City, Kansas, and loves to play the piano, sing, read and write!