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Calling All Music Enthusiasts! 

You call yourself a ‘music enthusiast,’ but do you ever feel disconnected from your local music scene? Don’t miss another great new artist, campus show or local music festival; bring IndieU to your campus and build your college music scene.

IndieU is looking for dedicated students who have a passion for music, and who have an interest in their local independent music scene. They are a new music-sharing platform that connects independent artists and bands to college students. The platform consists of a rep network of students in 10 schools across the nation, an online music magazine streaming website (www.IndieU.com) and a mobile app [download on iTunes & Google Play].

IndieU is solely focused on promoting independent artists in and around college campuses by connecting them directly to a college whose rep team will help them grow and sustain a fan base, all while providing students with everything they need to know about their local music scene. These are unpaid positions that are a great opportunity for those looking to work in music, entertainment or journalism.  

Available positions include:

Head rep (one open position)

Writing reps

Marketing reps

If you would like more information and are interested in any of the above positions, please contact reps@indieu.com today!


Tiffany Ward, a Junior at the University of Arkansas, joined the Her Campus Arkansas team in 2013 and now serves as the chapter President. Along with being an English major, Tiffany has a minor in Legal Studies and Pre-Law emphasis. Tiffany is a loyal member of Alpha Omicron Pi. Tiffany loves to write articles that provide advice and fun to her readers.
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