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Grace and Lace is a retail store that has an inspiring story. With a heart-warming mission to make a difference in the world, this brand is more than just words on a label. Some of their most popular items include cute boot socks and cuffs, leg warmers, scarves, and cardigans. They even have Razorback boot cuffs and socks, and sorority boot socks (that are adorable by the way!) Lacey boot socks and cuffs are IN for fall, so make your purchase from a respectable company that gives back to others.

Check out their Facebook  and like their page to stay updated on the latest Grace and Lace news! If you sign up to get Grace and Lace emails, you will receive 10% off your purchase.

Photo source: Grace and Lace

Hannah has a love for beauty, fashion, and trying new products! Add her on Intsagram and Twitter: @hannahvls
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