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Fall Scents You Can Lather In

Fall is almost here, so get ready to break out that new Pumpkin Spice candle from Bath and Body Works, Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, and Pumpkin Spice Bath Fizzie! Wait. What? Pumpkin Spice Bath Fizzie? That’s right – you can now bathe in the pumpkin spice goodness! The Frosting Company has come out with the most amazing all-natural and chemical-free Pumpkin Spice Bath Fizzie as part of their fall product line. If you have ever wondered what it is like to bathe in a pumpkin spice latte, here you go.

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The fall line also consists of the Candy Corn Bath Fizzie. To me, this one smells like a freshly baked candy corn cake. It left my skin smelling sweet and feeling extremely soft thanks to the bursts of cocoa butter moisturizer.

If you’re not convinced yet that the Frosting Company has the most amazing fall products, check out the Autumn Leaf Bath Fizzie. This one embodies the true nature of fall – sweet, spice, and sometimes a little nutty. As soon as you drop this sweet fizzie into your bath water, the aroma of fall will fill the room (and your skin!).

When you are finished relaxing and soaking up in the fall goodness, lather up in some Pumpkin Spice Body Butter.  Made with all-natural ingredients that won’t harm your skin, this body butter is infused with cinnamon, warm vanilla, and a hint of clove.

As if all of the fall scented products weren’t exciting enough, the Frosting Company will soon be releasing coffee scented body butter. Yes… I said coffee! Other new products include Honey Bee Body Butter, Honey Comb Bath Fizzie and Lip Scrubs. I. Can’t. Wait. Again, you can use the code ‘ShopHannah’ for 10% off of all your Frosting Company purchases.

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