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Every Collegiate’s Guide to the Perfect Fall Sweater

Sweater weather is a beautiful thing.  The versatility of the perfect sweater can be so convenient.  With the perfect sweater, you can make it work for anything from a dressy dinner date, Sunday morning church, or even just going to class comfy on a daily basis.

First, choose the material:        

Cashmere: The golden standard of sweaters.  Made from Kashmir goat hair, cashmere is the softest and lightest sweater material.  The only drawback is the hefty price tag.  If you choose to invest in a cashmere sweater, there are a few things to keep in mind:

·      Make sure to get one that fits you.

·      Be sure it’s 100% real cashmere.  A lot of times a company will call a sweater “cashmere” when its really a blended material.

·      Choose a color or print that is timeless so you can wear it for years to come.  

Wool: The best material for ultimate warmth.  Although wool can sometimes be itchy right against your skin, it is famous for its function and looks.  A chunky wool sweater can be a perfect go-to for those cold winter days.

Cotton or Synthetic Fabrics: The main benefit of these is the cost.  These sweaters will be cooler than cashmere or wool, which is perfect for fall weather.  A lot of times they can mimic the looks of their pricier relatives by using a blend of materials, but often they are a lower quality. 

Second, consider the weave of your sweater.  The weave is how close or far apart each weave used to make a sweater are.  A plain woven sweater will be more breezy and cool, whereas a heavy ribbed pattern will retain heat, resulting in a warmer sweater.

Third, choose the perfect style and fit for you.  Whether you’re going for a preppy look with a fitted sweater and jeans or an oversized chunky sweater with leggings and boots, there is a wide range of options.  Anything from a V-neck sweater to a turtleneck, you can express your personal style with all of the options to choose from.

Whether you’re cozying up on the couch in your sweater or dressing up for a night out, go forth and embrace the sweater weather by finding your perfect sweater!

Photo sources: www.urbanoutfitters.com, blog.freepeople.com  




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