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Chanel West Coast


On Saturday, Chanel West Coast came to Fayetteville as part of Hill Place Apartments Summer Kick Off party.  The event had free food sponsored by Burger Shack, Monster Energy Drinks, Coca Cola and Tropical Sno Fayetteville.  There were also numerous giveaways from VS Pink at the University of Arkansas, iCracked, Fayettechill Clothing Company, Rock City Kicks- Fayetteville and Mopedu Fayetteville.  There was a performance by Chanel as well as Lot 44. 

Chanel is a part of the TV and music industries, many of you know her from MTV’s Ridiculousness.  She recently signed with Young Money, which includes artist, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Lil Twist, Drake and Tyga.  Chanel just released her first track earlier this month, “I Love Money,” produced by RichSkillz.  She performed her new single on Saturday at the Hill Place event.  I sat down and interviewed her after her performance to ask her about her exciting new endeavors in the music business.

HCA: What’s the most exciting part about signing with Young Money? 

CWC: A lot of people have doubted my music for a while, so the most exciting part is that people are like, if Wayne co- signed her than obviously this is serious, people will take me more serious.

HCA: What’s is different about being in the music industry in comparison to being in the TV industry?

CWC: It’s very different, I like music way more.  It’s what I’ve wanted to do my whole life, music comes more natural for me.  It’s a lot of the same stuff (in both industries), you have to deal with hair and make-up, styling, being on camera and being in front of people.  Making friends is easier after being on television, I’ve always been social but after being on TV more friends have come into my life. 

HCA: What’s your relationship with Rob Dyrdek like?

CWC: Rob is like a big brother to me.  He is so busy now, always working.  It’s weird now cause he’s getting old, and he’s so youthful, but like he doesn’t go out now as much, he’s always with his girlfriend. 

HCA: What’s it been like working with Wayne?

CWC: I met him in the studio one day and went to play him my music and he loved (my music).  He’s very quite but he was like “we need to mix these tracks,” so I was like wait am I signed?!  And he told me he had “some good ideas”!  He’s so busy though I haven’t seen him since then.  I keep asking like when am I going to get to chill with everyone, everyone is so busy though. 

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