7 Things You Would Say to Him: Disney Edition

Have you ever been in that moment where you know exactly what you would say to him? You don't - but you want to.


He says: "Do you like Chinese? Does that sound okay?"You say: "Aw, I don't really care - I'm not that hungry."What you want to say


He says: "K"You say: Nothing.What you want to say:

He says: "You need to be nicer to her..."You say: "She's being really freaking sensitive, you deserve better."What you want to say:

He says: "Your hair looks good today. Did you shower or something this morning?"You say: "I shower every day...?"You want to say

He says: "I'm going to fail this test...did you study?"You say: "I studied a little."You remember what you actually did:

He says: "Your little was acting so f*@k!ng crazy last night..."You say: "Oh my God, no she wasn't...I'll kill her."What you want to say

He says: "I think I have a thing for her."You say: "Oh gosh, really?"What you want to say