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6 Ways to Stretch Your Budget for Spring Break

Everyone wants to have fun on spring break and come back with epic stories to tell, but no one wants to break the bank. Here’s 6 ways to stretch your dollar for your best spring break ever!

1.) Go somewhere that is not a popular destination.

If you want to avoid the crowded beaches and clubs, take break as an opportunity to visit one of those places on your bucket list that aren’t spring break hot spots like Las Vegas, Nashville, or Seattle. And since these places aren’t in peak season in March, they often have cheaper rates for hotels and travel. Even Europe is considered out of season and you can find deals on flights and hotels.

2.) Last-minute cruise deals.

Cruise ships will lower prices last minute to fill cabins, so you can get a steal on an amazing trip! And often cruises have all inclusive packages so you don’t have to worry about anything once you are on the ship.

3.) Road trips.

We all know road trips cost much less than flying, but they can also be so much more fun! Half of the fun of the vacation will be driving down the road playing car games, singing to the radio, and eating fast food, especially if you have the right group of friends!

4.) Museums.

Many museums are free or at least discount for students, and they are not all full of boring paintings and sculptures either. There are plenty of funky and charming museums that are waiting to be discovered.

The Neon Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s basically a graveyard for old neon signs.

5.) BYOF.

Bring your own food! Packing food and drinks before and bringing it with you is a great way to save money because you won’t have to spend it all the time on the jacked up prices of snacks and drinks.

6.) Day Trips.

Day tripping to the nearest big city or beach saves you the mountain of money you would spend if you stayed somewhere for days, but are still really fun! You can also explore the closest national parks and do things like camping or canoeing!

But as always, don’t forget to live a little, and splurge on things that you might never get the opportunity to do again!

Anna Thrash is a sophmore at the University of Arkansas and is pursuing a major in broadcast journalism. She is member of Alpha Omicron Pi and played clarinet in the Razorback Marching Band. Anna joined the Her Campus team in 2015, and when she's not writing she loves traveling and cooking.
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