6 Steps To Power Through The Rest Of The Semester

The end of the semester is upon us, which means your workload is going to skyrocket. If you are anything like me, you are trying to figure out how to get your life together for the last week of school and the ever-dreaded finals week. Follow these 6 simple steps, and the semester will be over before you know it.

1. Plan out your week.

Take a look at your syllabus and write down every due date or test in your planner. This week is going to be hectic enough, and a forgotten paper or missed quiz is the last thing you need to happen. By writing out all these due dates at the beginning of the week, you will be able to plan time to do your work accordingly.

2. Go to the library.

I know some of you claim that you can study in bed and do just as well, but let's be realistic. At home there are a ton of distractions that threaten your productivity. At the library those distractions don't exist, leaving you nothing to do but homework and study.

3. Turn off your phone.

I know this one is hard, because your phone is your best friend, but it's important. Your phone is your number 1 distraction - from Instagram to Twitter to your funny group text, your phone threatens your GPA. Don't try to use the, "I need my phone for the calculator" excuse because after you find the square root of 921 you will go straight to Facebook. Turn off it's evil GPA drowning powers and focus on your work.

4. Study with a group.

Even if you aren't the kind of person who learns best in groups, try studying with one. Even if it's only one other person, they may understand a topic better than you do and vice versa. Even if that other person doesn't know a damn thing about the subject, study with them. One of the most helpful ways to fully understand a topic is to teach it to someone else. Use your peers as a resource to an A on your final.

5. Print off your notes.

While studying your notes on your computer can be helpful, a hard copy of the information you need to learn will help you retain the information better. On paper you can highlight what is important, note what you need to study more and you can take it with you anywhere.

6. Take a break.

This week is hectic, and if you don't take a break every now and then you and your brain might get overwhelmed. The brain is a powerful muscle, but studying Micro Biology for 5 hours straight would make Einstein tired. I'm not saying to take a break after each note card, but if you feel overwhelmed step back for a little while. It's better to give yourself a break than to ignite a full flamed panic attack.

We know you're stressed out, but just breathe! You have what it takes to end the semester on a positive note. Hang in there - summer is almost here!

Good luck on the rest of your semester!