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5 Tips to Prevent Winter Weight Gain

With the weather cooling down and the holidays right around the corner, it seems like all anyone does is sit around and eat. But let’s stay strong this winter collegiettes. This year when spring break creeps up on us, we don’t have to panic about shedding those extra pounds we packed on all winter. Here are some easy ways to keep your weight in check this season.

1.     Do you always find yourself mindlessly snacking at social gatherings? Try snacking on some healthy fruits and veggies that are there.

2.      Do you find it hard to keep up with your workouts with the colder weather? Get your sweat on at a hot yoga studio to burn some calories and warm up.

3.      Do you live in your oversized baggy sweaters and sweatshirts all winter? (I know I do.) It can be easy to not notice a few extra pounds when you are always wearing loose clothing, so keep yourself in check. I know as girls we all dread stepping on that scale, but it might not be a bad option to gauge where you’re at and keep yourself accountable.

4.      Do you find it difficult to get in your quota of vegetables every day? If the thought of digging into a cold salad doesn’t exactly make you feel warm and cozy, try eating your veggies in soups or other cooked or baked dishes.

5.      Do you find yourself going to Starbucks on a daily basis for that PSL or peppermint mocha? These specialty drinks can easily have over 400 calories in one cup. Yikes! Try opting for just brewed coffee with some soymilk, or a zero-calorie hot green tea instead. Green tea has been known to aid weight loss, and you can still get your caffeine kick. 

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