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If you are anything like me, fall is one of your favorite seasons in Fayetteville. How could it not be? The change in color of the leaves make our “Natural State” absolutely gorgeous! So why not bring those beautiful leaves into your home? Here’s a few ways to take your favorite color leaves and transform them into easy to make decor.

1. Leaf Mason Jar

Making a leaf-covered mason jar is almost too simple! All you need is a mason jar, Mod Podge, and your 6-8 leaves. Cover the mason jar in Mod Podge and while it’s still wet, stick on your leaves. Add another coat of Mod Podge to hold in place. You can make it all one color, or add some flare with different shades. It is perfect for adding in a candle to provide seasonal lighting around your house!
2. Glittery Leaf Garland

If you have a wall that needs decorating or a door that needs some fall flare, this glittery leaf garland is simple and gorgeous! Just take a few leaves, cover them in Mod Podge, and add your favorite colors of glitter. Allow them time to dry, then punch a small hole at the base of the leaf to string a ribbon through. Connect them all to a ribbon or string and hang it on anything that needs a pop of glitter.
3. Leafy Letters

These letters covered in leaves are great for any family home or living room. Just buy the letters you need from stores like Hobby Lobby or Michaels, cover them in Mod Podge and place the leaves wherever you think looks best. There is a ton of room for creativity and personalization with these leafy letters!
4. Painted Leaf Stamp

This easy craft is gorgeous year-round! Simply take any leaf, add any colors of acrylic paint, and press the leaf down onto a canvas. Whether you want something vibrant and colorful or simple and elegant, using a leaf as a stamp is bound to leaf you (pun intended) with an exquisite canvas.
5. Fall Candles

These candles are easy to make and look great in every room. Just grab some candles, pick a few fun colored leaves and wrap twine around the two to put them together. While they may need adjusting as your candles melt, this crafty candle is so simple that you can change out the leaves as needed. Make multiple candles and use them as a center piece in your kitchen, dining room or living room!
Whichever fall decor you choose to make, it will add the perfect fall flare to your living area. Take advantage of the gorgeous fall leaves before the season ends!

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