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46 Thoughts Every Girl Has When A Guy Offers To Buy A Drink

1. What was your name again?

2. I think it was Michael, or was it Ryan. *Sh!t*

3. Why yes I do love shots

4. So are you gonna buy me a shot

5. Okay yes let’s wait in line at the bar

6. How long is this line gonna take

7. Its been 30 seconds

8. I think he is staring at my boobs

9. Yeah sure a Vegas bomb will work

10. What’s even in a Vegas bomb

11. Yep he is staring at my boobs

12. Is this Vegas bomb worth it 

13. No I need this drink to handle this conversation

14. Was his name Ryan or Michael???

15. Okay Michael. 

16. Oh his name is Matt…

17. *Pulls shirt up to avoid his shameless staring*

18. Does this lemme buy a drink trick ever work???

19. Obviously

20. Where are my friends

21. Why did they abandon me


23. Sweet baby Jesus the Vegas bombs are here

24. Was any of this worth it

25. Yes

26. Is he actually flirting with that other blonde?

27. Okay it’s his “friend from back home”

27. I don’t make out with my “friends from back home”

28. Sorry not sorry that I didn’t appreciate your shameless staring

29. I got a Vegas bomb out of it so that’s always a plus

30. I don’t even care I thought your name was Michael this whole time

31. Wait, is this guy actually trying to talk to me again

32. What type of cheap trick do I look like

33. My silence cannot be bought with another Vegas bomb

34. Okay yes it can

35. You really aren’t that funny

36. But I’ll keep laughing until my friends rescue me

37. No I am busy later, really busy, with my pillow 

38. Ha no I don’t want to go get food after this

39. Who am I kidding of course I want food after this

40. Are you paying for that or…?


42. Why did ya’ll abandon me???

43. *Shuns friends for 30 seconds*

44. Okay ya’ll this is my new “friend” Michael

45. Oh my gosh it’s Matt? 

46. *Walks away slowly and never looks back* 

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