4 Steps to Surviving Finals

It's almost the most anticipated time of the year - Summer! You can already feel the summer warmth on your skin, but first you have to power through your last few finals. It's hard to stay motivated, and all you can think about is your bed and your favorite Netflix series. We know how you feel, that's why we're here to give you a few steps that will help finals week easier!

1. Stay Positive.

It's difficult to stay positive during finals week because you're stressed out about what information you still need to learn. The book pages and note cards and notes are never-ending. It is vital to think happy and positive thoughts throughout this week. You GPA is not the end of the world. As long as you work as hard as you can, the results should reflect that! Here at Her Campus Arkansas we are celebrating ourselves with these Celebrate Yourself cards from Her Campus Nationals! Thanks for reminding us to celebrate our accomplishments throughout this stressful week.

2. Keep Organized.

During finals week it is essential to keep your work and planner organized.You don't want to forget about a final paper or lose your notes for your test tomorrow. If you plan everything out at the beginning of the week, then maintaining a good a healthy schedule is easy! We were given the book Rich Bitch by Nicole Lapin that provides a 12-Step Process to organizing your finances and maintaining a budget. The book says, "Budgeting sucks... but so does being broke." and we couldn't agree more! Staying organized financially and academically is crucial for success!

3. Take Breaks.

We understand that you want to spend ever waking moment studying for your next final, but it's important to give yourself a break! The more you stuff information in your brain, the more tired it becomes. Even our most powerful muscle needs a break every now and then. Even if it's just for dinner, get out of the library and have a decent meal. Thanks to Chipotle, we were given BOGO cards that included free entrees. We were able to get out of the library and treat ourselves to delicious Chipotle meals after long hours in the library. Thanks for fueling our brains Chipotle!

4. Be Healthy.

It's very tempting to live off of vending machine chips and energy drinks during finals week, but don't do that to your body! Your body needs to be strong and healthy to power through this last week of school. Try to eat regular meals and stay hydrated, especially if you plan on pulling a few all nighters! Whenever you feel like taking a break, head to the gym for some relief. Exercise keeps the body active and can be a great stress reliever. Thanks to Crunch Live, we were sent a 30 Day Free Trial that includes workout inspired by kick butt cardio, Pilates, strength training and more! It's the perfect study break and gets you ready for summer all at the same time!

We would also like to give a special thanks to Blink Tattoos, chloe + isabel and boohoo for the other goodies included in our Summer Survival Kits! We couldn't get through without your support, and the support from our amazing Her Campus Nationals team. Good luck on your finals collegiate, you can do it! #HCSurvivalKits #CelebrateYourself