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3 Ways to Wear the Ear Stack

Accessorizing doesn’t have to be boring when it comes to earrings. The ear stack has become a major trend this season and anyone can pull it off even if you don’t have multiple piercings. There are many ways to do the ear stack. Here are three looks you can try!


Simple & Cohesive

This is a great everyday look. Stick with small pieces with the same color. It is effortless, but still stylish, and will match with any outfit.


Mix & Match

Try pieces that are different shapes, colors and sizes. Layering with multiple pieces is a fun way to branch out and it is eay.

One & Done

Only have singles? Don’t worry, you can still rock the style. Try out an ear cuff. An ear cuff is one piece that will cover half of your ear as if you have multiple piercings. There are many to choose from!

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