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Everyone loves fall because of warm oversized sweaters and cute booties, but my personal favorite is hats. A hat is a perfect accesory to top off an outfit and if you have a bad hair day, just plop one on! Here are three different hats you can wear this fall.


Felt Fedora

This hat is perfect for a chilly game day or on a pumpkin picking date. Go simple by wearing a neutral color or be bold and wear burgundy or olive.


I love beanies because you can dress up or dress down an outfit. There are varieties of beanies like cuffed, non-cuffed, woven, knit and more. Have fun with the colors too!


Baseball Cap

Yes, a baseball cap is an all-year hat, but if you swap out with a wool cap your outfit will scream fall. Play with prints or stick with one color; either way you will be one stylish fashionista.

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