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10 Signs You Are in a Long Distance Relationship

Whether he is attending another college, still in high school, only an hour away or across the country, you have probably encountered at least some of these struggles (and perks!) while making your long distance relationship work.


1. You can not remember the last time you shaved your legs.

You often go months without even thinking about it, and when you finally do shave it is only because your significant other is coming in town. Even then there is no guarantee. It’s likely that you have been together for long enough that he understands, who really has time to shave two entire legs? I’m exhausted just thinking about it.



2. You talk to him more often than you talk to your own parents.

Calling your mom on a daily basis probably suffices, but you can not go an entire day without talking to him. Even when there is nothing to talk about, it just seems wrong not to be either texting, talking on the phone or FaceTiming, especially when you have a huge test tomorrow that you should be studying for instead. And you’re not sorry about it.



3. Someone has made the mistake of trash talking long distance relationships to your face.

And you have laughed it off awkwardly, not admitting that you fall perfectly into the category they are bashing. It seems like everyone else is either bitter or just does not understand, but it does’t bother you. You know how you feel, and in your opinion being incredibly happy, comfortable and close with someone far away is better than being content or dissatisfied with a random guy you met at a party last week who occasionally messes up your name.



4. When you get to see each other, you spend every waking moment together.

I mean, you have to make up for all that lost time somehow! Usually that time is spent doing nothing, but as long as you two are together it does not matter. Suddenly, sitting on the couch watching a movie you have both seen before is your ideal Saturday night, and you feel no shame. Your parents and friends will wonder if you have forgotten about them, but you will make up for it next time. Probably. Maybe.


5. “See ya later” never gets easier.

Even though you guys have pretty much got this thing down to a science, the goodbye’s are always the hardest part. Especially after a great weekend of being flattered, driven around and paid for, going your separate ways is hard regardless (even though you know exactly when you will see each other next).


6. All that extra time you would normally be spending with him goes to Netflix.

This is most likely the case. After all, Netflix is everything you could ever want in a man: entertaining, loyal and adjustable to your specific wants and needs at any given moment. It’s almost like cheating, but it doesn’t really count…right? Either you spend a ridiculous amount of free time being unproductive, or your GPA has exceeded your wildest dreams.


7. You have no idea how to talk to other boys.

Especially the super hot ones. By now, the way you flirt with your boy is personal and probably a little strange to outsiders. So when that really cute guy asks to borrow your pencil in algebra, in that moment of eye contact you beg the universe not to let you embarrass yourself… for the hundredth time this semester. “Fo sho, homie! You want mechanical or wooden, and in what color? I hope #2 is okay. By the way, I chew my erasers, I hope that doesn’t gross you out.” Phew, nailed it.



8. You’ve disappointed more than one guy at a party with using only four words.

“I have a boyfriend.” It usually comes up in conversation eventually, but sometimes you have to take a step back…literally, because he is getting way too close to your face. To him, it might seem like you were leading him on, but really you were just looking for a way to say those four words as quickly and casually as possible without offending his ego.



9. Because your rejection rate is through the roof, you probably have your fair share of male friends.

Because if they think you’re cool, they will try to get with you, and when they can’t, they will take what they can get. Your friend zone is catastrophic in size, and deep down you secretly take pride in that fact. You are probably the go-to friend for a date for this same reason.


10. Jealousy is the least of your concerns.

You and your significant other trust each other so much that neither of you get jealous anymore. In fact, you are probably to the point where you can joke about how attractive members of the opposite sex are in front of each other and remain totally unphased. You aren’t even worried about that hot girl in his history class, because she’s got nothing on you in his eyes.

Jordan is an undergraduate at the University of Arkansas. She is a part of Alpha Omicron Pi, Schola Cantorum choral ensemble, and is majoring in English. Jordan is from Kansas City, Kansas, and loves to play the piano, sing, read and write!
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