10 Reasons to Date a Cowboy: Brought to You by The Longest Ride

The Longest Ride came out this weekend, and Scott Eastwood is making our hearts throb while playing a captivating and alluring cowboy. So here are a few reasons to remind us why dating any country man is definitely worth our time!               

1.) They may be down in the dirt most of the time, but they sure do know how to clean up well.

2.) They’ll bring you flowers, maybe even handpicked! <3

3.) Cowboys will always have a good body, because they actually have to use their muscles daily.

4.) Their mamas have taught them to take their responsibilities seriously and to always respect you.

5.) You’ll finally have a reason to buy some cowboy boots! And maybe he’ll share his cowboy hat with you.

6.) Cowboys are real outdoorsmen, so he’ll know how to build a fire and you’ll never get lost outside again!

7.) They’re ruggedly and naturally handsome. You’ll swoon at first sight and he won’t even be trying!

8.) Your dates won’t be just any normal dinner in the city. You won’t know what to expect out in the country.

9.) He’ll always be your ticket to the rodeo, whether he’s in the stands with you or out in the ring.

10.) All of your friends will be jealous of your charming, tough, and attractive boyfriend.