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10 People From High School You Will Inevitably Run Into Over Winter Break

  1. The guy who used to be chunky who turned mega-hot. You unsuspectingly run into him at the gym and your jaw almost physically drops. Like, woah, you should have snatched him up when you had a chance.


  2. The really cool and popular guy who has since failed out and moved home. Not so cool anymore, huh? Now you’re kinda glad you never dated him in high school (even if it was literally your life goal). 
  3. Your first kiss. The awkwardness of this one is pretty self-explanatory. Let’s agree to never talk about or have to relive that ever again. 
  4. The smart, quiet girl who never really had any friends. Maybe if you had less of a social life you could be half as successful as her now… 
  5. That person you awkwardly recognize but weren’t friends with. Do you acknowledge them? Are they going to acknowledge you? Cue socially awkward panic.


  6. The couple who started dating in high school who are somehow STILL together.  They’ve been together for like 5 years now, and you guessed their relationship would last maybe a month when they started dating. Wow, plot twist. 
  7. The used-to-be hot girl who has partied way too much in college. FYI: Alcohol has a lot of calories. 
  8. That guy who used to be the biggest partier but somehow got his sh*t together. You have a 4.0? And you have a job where? Didn’t see that one coming.
  1. Your ex-friend who you have totally lost touch with. Oh hey, remember when we used to be BFF’s? That awkward moment when we literally can’t relate about anything now. 
  2. That person you were never friends with in high school but you became friend with them in college. People from high school are really thrown off when they see you hanging out, but hey, everyone changes once they go off to college, including yourself. 


Photo Credits: Deccan Chronicle & Tumblr

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