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Your Taylor Swift Song Based Off of Your College Major

Taylor Swift has released more songs that I am willing to count, with each song having their different meaning and vibe. Taylor Swift’s songs are original and relatable, even relatable to what one can study in college. Ever wondered what your Taylor Swift song would be your college major’s theme song, well then look no further because here is your Taylor Swift song based off of your college major: 


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With the released of Taylor Swift’s newest song, “Me!”, We can’t help but dance along and enjoy celebrating ourselves. That is why education majors would appreciate this Taylor Swift song as their theme song. By teaching kids to embrace their differences early on is an efficient way to allow them to grow up into successful, compassionate individuals. 


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This song from Taylor Swift’s “Red” album is the perfect song for Biology students. They might even be able to address the logical and physical reason why Taylor sings, “we were dancing like we were made of starlight.” With the way, biology students think, Starlight would be the perfect theme song for them.


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New York will always be the place to be if you want to be as successful as you can in business. That is why this Taylor Swift song would be the perfect song for business students. Keep working hard till you graduate so you can pack your bags for New York, it’ll be waiting for you!


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This song gives me mysterious, edgy vibes that remind me of all the power people have who can operate technology efficiently. This Taylor Swift song would be perfect, even for the nerdier computer science students, because of the potential they hold. It’ll also be a great song to jam to while coding


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Even though this one of Taylor Swift’s sadder songs, nursing students won’t be able to help themselves as they call in love with it. This song is based off a mother’s heartbreak when their young child falls ill and dies. Most nursing students don’t go into their major for the money, but rather to save lives. This heart-wrenching song will remind nursing majors why they put in the hard work they do.


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Political science students know the truth behind conflicts all too well. That is why this Taylor Swift song is the perfect song for them to spend their time listening to. With an exciting tale of crime, this song is relatable to what they love to study.


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With this song’s references to the love Alice in Wonderland tale, English majors will have fun dissecting this song. With their English analytical skills, they will have fun looking for the hidden meaning while listening to this song. It sounds like someone has an idea for their next creative essay.


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Fifteen gives an authentic expression of what growing up and what falling in love is really like. Psychology majors will love this song for its honest approach to the hardships of life and will able to connect its message to their studies. They’ll find themselves relating to the lyrics with understanding while they sing along.


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History majors love learning from the past. This Taylor Swift song will give history students the chance to know they can even learn from their past. Learning from the past is always beneficial, as history students know, so the world can keep progressing.


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This Taylor Swift song is beautifully written to create an image inside the listener’s mind. Fine Arts students will be feeling inspired by this song and its explicit lyrics. Who knows what can come from that inspiration?



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