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A Wildcat For Life

The Spring 2011 semester comes to an end and most students leave with plans to return in the Fall.  Sadly, the seniors must soak in the excitement and relief of graduating but move on to the next chapter in their lives and keep Arizona in their hearts.  Three wildcat graduating seniors reflect on their college experiences at The University of Arizona and what this school means to them.

“I have never felt better about a decision in my life; coming to U of A was definitely the best decision I ever made,” said Emma Keilty, a family studies and human development major.

With a fantastic athletic program, huge variety of clubs and organizations, beautiful weather, endless social events, and opportunity to make life long friends, the UA has given its graduates an unforgettable chapter in their lives.

“I will miss the people and sports environment,” said Brett Rostratter, a journalism major.  “There is nothing like sitting in the Zona Zoo at the UA basketball games.”

“My most memorable experience is tailgating before and rushing the field after a winning football game,” said Kelly Wenstrup, a interdisciplinary studies major.
Wenstrup explains what makes UA so attractive to her.  “There is such a great mix of students at the UA and the atmosphere that surrounds the school is booming.  There is great school spirit and the campus is absolutely beautiful,” said Wenstrup.  She also advises incoming students to take their time while in college.  “Don’t rush through college or rush to get old; you’ll have plenty of time to relax when you’re older, and these are some great years.  Explore every opportunity that you are presented with,” said Wenstrup.

Rostratter gives more advice on academics and athletic events.  “Don’t settle on one major when you get here.  Look around for one that you like and try different types of classes,” said Rostratter.  “Also go to the sporting events and enjoy cheering for your team.  Enjoy college because it goes by very fast.”

Rostratter, Wenstrup, and Keilty all agree to take advantage of every opportunity college provides for you. 
“Live it up.  It will be the best four years of your life.  No regrets,” said Keilty.

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