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Top 5 Perfect Binge-Worthy Netflix TV Shows

As fall is somewhat approaching in good ole’ Tucson, summer TV is ending and many of you might be looking for some new shows to get into. So grab a fuzzy blanket, a good cup of hot chocolate, and your laptop and enjoy!

1. iZombie: This TV show just arrived on Netlix and it’s hilarious. It’s centered around a girl named Liv who gets scratched and becomes a zombie, but not the type from the Walking Dead show. The strain of zombie that Liv becomes is one that can function normally, but has a hankering for brains! Throughout the first season on Netflix, Liv goes through all the trials and errors of being a “newborn” zombie, most of which is very entertaining.

2. Scandal: Although this show is already airing its fifth season, you can easily jump on the Scandal bandwagon. This show is a constant tug of war between the concepts of right and wrong, as well as true love and happiness or sadness and despair. It sounds very melodramatic, but tugs on all your heart strings.

3. Mad Men: Now this show has already aired its final season, but my oh my is Don Draper quite a stud. He’s a cheater and a liar too, but a stud nonetheless. Mad Men is filled with twists and a lot of mystery albeit it is quite slow paced yet still very, very entertaining. If you like period drama TV shows, then you will be absolutely obsessed with this one.

4. Grace and Frankie: This Netflix original will leave you gasping for air from excessive laughter. This show is focused around two older women, Grace and Frankie, whose husbands have left them because they fell in love with each other. Two angry, heartbroken women who start off hating each other makes for some great TV.

5. The Red Road: This series only has 6 episodes and will sadly leave you wanting much, much more. It’s a dark and twisted piece which revolves around a cop’s family and a “bad” guy who just got out of prison. Through all of this show’s ins and outs, you will be rooting for the good and bad guy just the same.


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