The Top 10 #GIRLPOWER Apparel Brands

Being a Girl Power apparel brand means more than stamping the word “Feminist” across a tee-shirt. It’s a mission that clothing brands want to accomplish. It’s about empowers other females with fashion because we all know how hard it is when you’re in the dressing room and that shirt you loved doesn't fit you. It’s about celebrating all bodies and all people. Here are the top 10 girl power apparel brands: 




Photo courtesy of Feminist Apparel

Feminist Apparel was founded on the basis of creating the conversation on feminist topics in order to continue developing our society in the way feminists dream of. Within their website, they sell clothes and products. My favorite is definitely the Feminist Box that’s is filled with all sort of feminist and activist goodies. Shop their apparel:




Photo courtesy of BIRDSONG

Birdsong prides themselves on the change the want to make in the way you dress. They promise to use no sweatshop during the making of their products and no photoshopwhile advertising their products. They work with women’s groups and charities in order to produce their clothing. They want to use fashion as a way woman can celebrate their bodies and everyone else. Shop their apparel:




Photo courtesy of Nasty Gal

Ever heard of the Netflix original show Girlboss? Well, it was based off a real woman with a true story. Nasty Gal started in a small San Francisco apartment filled with vintage clothes, a single laptop, and an eBay account and has grown throughout the year to an amazing company for gals who have the confidence to be truly themselves. Shop their apparel:




Photo courtesy of Lonely Label

Lonely Label’s purpose is to foster a sense of positive body image and freedom of expression. They stray away from typical advertising and marketing by showing models from all walks of life, including those over fifty. By doing so they are able to start a conversation of understanding comfort and being true to one’s body type. Shop their apparel:



Photo courtesy of The Outraged

Ever felt so angry at the way society treats and discriminates against women? Ever felt outraged because of it? This apparel brand is all about that. They are a female founded activist apparel company that donates some of the money they make from every single purchase to feminist charities fighting for social change. Shop their apparel:





Photo courtsey of Feminitees

Feiminitees are one of a kind embroidered t-shirts. Each shirt was inspired by feminist issues that affect women all around the world. To symbolize that each shirt has a specific message that aims to bring attention to these issues. These issues are specific to the gendfer inequalities female face every day. Feminitees even donate a portion of all their proceeds to the National Organization for Women. Shop their apparel:




Photo courtsey of Neon Moon

Neon Moon is a lingerie shop that aims to adapt to your body. They are very clear in their mission, with even stating “Whatever colour, shape, size, race, or sexual orientation you are it’s important you always remember one fact. You’re beautiful” on their website. Their website even hosts a safe space for women to discuss feminist issues that affect their everyday life. Shop their apparel:




Photo courtsey of Dear Kate​

Dear Kate is a lingerie shop that is designed for period comfort. The company created underwear that is absorbent and breathable for everyday use. It eliminates the worry of leaks, stains, and odors so you can live confidently and comfortably in your daily life with a good set of underwear. Shop their apparel:



Photo courtsey of Sseko Designs

Sseko Designs is a fashion brand that hires Uganda woman to make sandals in order for them to earn enough money to gain an education and pursue their dreams. According to their website, they have enables 87 women to continue on to university. They believe that a good business can be extremely powerful for social change and they are proving just so. Shop their apparel:



Photo courtesy of Kalibri Boutique​

Kalibri Boutique is made for the IT Girl. As one of the designers states, “Basically, when I started Kalibri Boutique I knew I wanted it to be grounded in my idea of Girl Power. Which comes from personal experience, since I was 14 and had a butt and boobs, I’ve never dressed “appropriately” or was wanted boys would look at me a certain way, and even then, I didn’t care. I dressed for me and that’s what I wanted Kalibri to be based in, dressing for yourself, not giving a fuck, and being a boss. Our thing is an “IT Girl” and for us that means anyone that feels empowered in our clothes. We just want girls to have fun and start loving themselves.” Shop their apparel: