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Thunder In McKale: Welcome to Tucson ZonaZeus

Sean Miller is so legit. Seriously, I just typed Sean Miller into my thesaurus and under synonyms were the words legit, swag, and fresh. Our head basketball coach has done it again in securing our fourth recruit for the 2012 class. Even before this recruit we were accredited with having the best recruiting class in the nation made up of Grant Jerrett, Gabe York, and the big prize, Brandon Ashley. With the commitment of big man, Kaleb “Zeus” Tarczewski UA basketball is living up to its esteemed reputation.

            Tarczewski is a native of Claremont, New Hampshire playing for St. Marks. Standing at 7 feet and weighing 220 pounds the center rounds out a recruiting class of two power forwards and one shooting guard. You know what my favorite part about Tarczewski committing to UA? (Besides his sweet nickname of course.) I won’t have to suffer through another game hoping and praying Kyrl Natyazhko will learn that his finger tips are there for a reason, like for catching the ball?

            Ranked number 6 on the ESPN 100 for 2012 recruits, Tarczewski was rumored to choose to play for head coach Bill Self at KU. Both KU and UA have been recruiting Tarczewski, battling it out since the summer. Some people say it was Brandon Ashley’s decision that influenced Tarczewski’s decision but according to PointGuardU.com UA had the upperhand early in the game. For lack of better words, (that’s not true I’m just lazy), it sucks to be Kansas. Tarczewski’s move signifies more than us finally getting a true center. The New Hampshire native turned down East coast power houses to attend UA establishing us as a dominant force in the West.

            Here’s why Sean Miller is so legit. Not only did he nail down the top recruiting class for the year. He did it early in the game. Miller’s over here securing the future of our basketball program for years to come and I can’t even get my homework turned in on time. Scratch that I can’t even get to class on time. With an early close to this season’s recruiting, Miller can get a jump start on 2013 recruits. Not to mention the already talented freshman class we have this year is getting much needed experience to lead the incoming youngsters. The recruiting game is all about reputation and while we’ve been slacking, I mean studying, Sean Miller has continued to build upon the reputation that the legendary Lute Olson authenticated.

            I can only imagine what Sean Miller was like back in the day spitting game at all the fly honeys. I mean it’s all essentially the same thing right? You have to influence the ladies (or the players) to come home with you. Judging by the evidence, let’s be real, Sean Miller was probably wrecking. Bear Down Wildcats.

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