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The Things We Do Instead of Actually Studying For Finals

The time has come and now reality is hitting us. Finals are officially here and the stress levels are through the roof. You know you should probably be filling out your study guides and actually study them but it is very hard to focus. Everything around you seems more interesting than study. It is probably true that you would also rather rearrange your desk at this point. Whatever you may be doing, here is a list of the stuff we do in order to avoid studying for those finals.

1.Clean Our Rooms and Bathrooms

Are you one of those students who just throws everything around the room? Is there a big pile of clothes by your hamper? Well a lot of students realize that having a clean room will possible help them focus better, so they definitely have to tidy up before they start studying.



Sometimes taking a nap is all we need in order to refresh our brains and get us on track to start studying again. Besides, no one has ever turned down a nap in college.


3.Watching Netflix

Remember all the shows you couldn’t watch during the semester because you were just so busy? Well now is the perfect time to watch a few shows during your breaks from studying.


4.Calling Your Relatives

Nothing says avoiding finals like calling all your family members to inform them about your finals that you are not studying for. No matter if it is mom, grandma, or your third cousin, you’re basically down to call anyone so that you can put off studying for a few more hours.

5.Calculating What Grade You Can Get On The Final

Nothing is better than calculating what you can get on your final to keep that A in a class, unless you have to get at least a 150% on the final.



Because it is the night before your first final and you realize how unprepared you are.


7.Take BuzzFeed Quizzes

Nothing says procrastination to see how big of a “Mean Girls” fan you are or seeing what Disney princess you relate with the most.


8.Looking at Puppies

Let’s all face it. Procrastinating for finals is just another reason to look at puppies on Instagram and Twitter



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