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The Ten Female YouTube Originals to Look Out for

YouTube is more than a place where you can get lost in an endless search filled with random videos, it is also a beautiful place filled with music and original lyrics. For many stars, YouTube is where they made their first appearance with music and where they got their chance at fame. Here are the ten female YouTube Originals to look out for:


Known for her original songwriting videos, Caroline Manning’s lyrics got me feeling the feels. 14 years old and already has 160K. Probably because of her beautiful acoustic voice and touching lyrics. 


Look out world, Tate McRae's unique voice that sings beautiful lyrics that are inspired by her personal experiences is coming through. Her soulful voice will you have you swept off your feet. 


This quirky and youthful singer will have you bouncing to the beat of her ukulele. Her choice of covers and original songs highlight her voice's best qualities. I am also in awe with her sweet and shy introductions are.


Each beat of this song belongs to the talented Reese Lansangan. Her fun personality is able to shine through her music. With each song being more difficult for a vocalist then the next, she is able to challenge herself and succeed with executing it beautifully.  


Barbour has been a YouTube artist that I’ve followed for ages. Through her different vocal styles that she has tried out in the past, I feel like her new style is happy and light. Makes me want to go twirl around in a vineyard.


Caroline’s voice sounds sweet as honey. Her vocals are able to express her sympathetic message that comes across in her songs. With lyrics that are filled with compassion, her voice delivers the message with elegance.


With fun beats and an awesome strumming patterns, Gartland’s original music is creative and addictive. Her voice adds a very extra punch of fun and edge that makes her music even more enjoyable. She is the next alternative female singer to look out for on our favorite Spotify playlists.


Tiffany is able to take her amazing vocals to the next level with fun and electric beats in the background. Her lyrics are so relatable you will find yourself connecting to her music. Her fun attitude shines through in her music and I am expecting great things from this artist.


Abby’s experiences of pain and love can be seen directly through her lyrics and her voice. Her followers of YouTube have mentioned that whenever she uploads another one of her original works it’s “like you’re reading my mind”. Her life experiences are told with passion in her delicate and quirky voice.


Known for her the spirit she puts in her music, Caitie Hurst is able to write lyrics filled with faith, spirit, and passion. Her voice sings her lyrics in a very clear and graceful way to makes me want to twirl around my kitchen and practice the ballet number I memorized from when I was six. Look out for her; her voice may show up on your next playlist.

Dayne DiSesa

Arizona '19

Dayne DiSesa is a senior at the University of Arizona. She is double majoring in Gender and Women Studies and Creative Writing, and working on fulfilling her life long dream of becoming a social worker. Dayne is a proud owner of two guinea pigs (Buritos and Dorritios), 20 dreamcatchers, and a car she named after Betty White. You can follow her on instagram: @sunflowersanddaynishes. 
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