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Tell your story with “Broadcastr”

Have a story that you want to share with the world? New Social Media Platform,Broadcastr, gives you the chance to tell it. With an interactive map, share recordings and listen to others from around the world. With categories like architecture, college, food, celebrities, and travel & adventure, there is a place for everyone.  Find a spot on the map of the world and click to listen to comedic stories, reviews of bars, upcoming and past events, poetry, random thoughts, and much more. Broadcastr is great for college students because it’s a great way to hear stories around campus. Why not listen to the events of last night on your iPhone while walking to your next class?

After browsing the site, I found a few recordings that caught my attention such as “The One thing you should know about Japan,” which was a descriptive experience in a “Love Hotel.” Another tale was from a standup comedian complaining humorously, about his stolen sweater and what he was going to do to the person who stole it.

Broadcastr has teamed up with many big companies like Oxygen, The Economist, Fordor’s Travel Guides, and the National September  11 Memorial & Museum to name a few.
With over 7,000 stories archived, the site, as described by NPR tech writer Clive Thompson, “Is something to watch” in 2011. 
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