Sweet and Simple Makeup for Valentine's Day


When it comes to Valentine’s Day date makeup, keep it simple and sweet. We’re going for an “innocent in love” sort of look, and that means flushed, rosy cheeks and peachy lips. No heavy eye makeup here—just a little eyeliner, long, thick lashes and accentuated eyebrows. The desired result leaves you looking natural and sweet, like you’re blushing over your date the entire night.


1. Start with a primer and blend a little less than a dime sized drop on your entire face. Priming the skin is essential; it smoothens the skin so that it’s a fresh palette for the rest of your makeup. Without it, everything else might smear or not blend quite as well. I love using Laura Mercier products on my face, as this makeup line doesn’t cause breakouts on my sensitive skin.

2. Using concealer, dab a few tiny dots around dark under eye areas and on blemishes. With concealer, you always want to use a shade slightly lighter than your natural skin tone. But be careful not to use too much or you could end up looking completely washed out. A little goes a long way. Apply by lightly dabbing the concealer on desired areas either with your middle finger or using a concealer brush until blended completely. Optional: apply a light coat of Smashbox under eye brightener.

3. Now, it’s foundation time. If you’re not a fan of foundation, a tinted moisturizer or BB cream works nicely as well. When not using a Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, I use Lush’s line of fresh, handmade, non comedogenic foundation. Gently apply a thin layer across your entire face and into your neckline using a clean foundation brush and blend completely.

4.  Next step: blush. We’re going for a delicate, rosy pink tone, so no bronzer tonight. I use bareMinerals loose powder blush in “naughty, naughty.” Dab a small amount onto a tapered or classic-angled blush brush and apply in upward and downward strokes over the apples of your cheeks. It should give the effect that you’re blushing slightly.

5. As for the eye shadow, let’s keep your eyes bright and shimmery. Apply several coats of a light cream color with hints of shimmer over and slightly above your lids. For an extra pop, pat a little on the skin near your tear ducts. I am using Ulta eye shadow in “In The Buff.”

6. Now, here comes the part that is going to take a little more precision: eyeliner. A liquid eyeliner will work best for the precise look we’re aiming to achieve on the eyes. Make sure to use black as well, unless you have extremely light hair, in which case a shade of brown might suit you better. I prefer Revlon liquid eyeliner in “Blackest Black.” Slowly and carefully make a straight line across your top lid, leaving about a quarter of your lid blank on your inner eye. You want to stay as close to the lash line as possible, keeping this line thin and precise. As you get to the outer edge of your lid, wing it out just a tiny bit past where your lid naturally ends. Keep tinkering with both eyes until they look exactly the same (or as close as possible! Nobody’s perfect). We won’t be worrying about any eyeliner on the bottom for this look.

7. After you’ve let the eyeliner set for about 30 seconds, it’s lash curling time! Gently curl each side and hold for about ten seconds, then apply several coats of black mascara. I absolutely adore any of the CoverGirl LashBlast products. The brushes are fantastic and help keep the mascara from clumping as you apply it to your lashes.

8. Almost done, girls. Apply a coat of eyebrow gel over your brows in a shade that matches your natural hair color.

9. And finally, complete the look with a peachy lipstick or lip stain. I’m wearing Ulta tinted lip balm in “Fresh.” It’s a light, coral peach color that still stands out.


This makeup look goes best with a bright spring dress and ballerina flats or peep-toe heels. If it’s freezing outside, try a colorful pair of skinny jeans and a cute blouse with a neutral pea coat. And of course, keep smiling—that’s the prettiest part.