Stay Comfortable and Cute at Coachella This Year


The massive music festival, Coachella, is right around the corner. If you’re going to spend a weekend rocking out to your favorite bands and music artists, don’t worry about being too glamorous. Trust me, you’ll enjoy the experience a lot more if you go for a casual, comfortable, yet cute look. Let’s get started:


            We really want hardly any at all. The weather is getting hotter and the last thing you need is smudged eyeliner and melted foundation. Instead, opt for a bit of tinted moisturizer or BB cream, a hint of bronzer to brighten up your face. For your eyes, simply curl the lashes and apply one coat of waterproof mascara. You can liven up the look a bit more and give it a more rocker vibe by putting on a darker lip color, but go for tinted lip balms instead of lipstick (plus, we don’t want melted lipstick stained all over the inside of your purse).


            Adding to that rocker girl look put your hair in a braid or pigtail braids over night before the festival begins and take it/them out in the morning. Keep the wavy and slightly messy look (no combing) and put your hair into a medium to high ponytail, pulling your bangs back if you have any and clipping them up so that the hair on the top of your head has more volume than the sides. If you don’t have bangs, you can tease the top of your hair a bit and just pull the hair out of the ponytail a little to give it more oomph.


            You’re at a weekend long concert, so throw on a band tee and shorts or jeans with sneakers. Comfortable flip-flops look great as well. If you go out there wearing a blouse and wedges, you’ll probably regret it later. Besides, you can definitely rock the casual look.

So get out there and have a blast!