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Room For Improvement

You’re in for a real treat today guys because I’m going to give you some insight into a typical day of yours truly, here we go:
1. Wake up
2.  Hit the snooze button
3. Hit the snooze button again for good luck
4. Roll (skillfully) into gym clothes (I’m talking the whole 9 yards, sports bra, sneakers and all)
5. Avoid working out at all costs
6. BS around with my roommate Gabrielle
7. Frantically scribble away the homework that I had hours to do correctly the night before
8. Wander aimlessly around campus for hours, stopping periodically to drag myself to class
9. Again, avoid working out at all costs
10. Stuff my face
11. Go to work (tricky, because I work at the Rec, shout out to FUEL, but after years of experience I manage to still avoid working out at all costs.)
12. Go home feeling successful, because I’ve tricked people (including myself) into believing that I actually work out
Enthralling yes? No. I’m literally one of the laziest people I know. Luckily for me I can be as physically lazy as I want to pursue a career in journalism (as long as I can pick up a pen and some paper I’m good.) But it’s a little more time consuming when you’re a D1 athlete trying to “get some sugar” as head coach Sean Miller so eloquently put it. After the first two games in the 2K Sports Classic hosted in our very own McKale Center, sophomore guard, Jordin Mayes, has seriously put my lifestyle to shame.
When you’re trying to make a name for yourself on the same team as Derrick Williams it’s hard enough. Then to turn around the next year and play with two of the top freshman guard recruits of the season, well that’s just frustrating. Mayes is doing it though. Coming off the bench and creating a spark against Valparaiso on Monday earned Mayes a starting spot against Duquesne on Wednesday. Dude did not disappoint. Mayes went 4 for 7 from the 3-point line and earned 8 points in less time than it took for Kim Kardashian to end her second marriage. Ya, THAT fast. At the end of the game Mayes had tallied himself up a total of 19 points, a career high, and much credit for the win.
Jesse Perry didn’t let Jordin Mayes do it alone though. Looking like a character straight out of Avatar, Perry cranked out his second double-double for the week with 11 rebounds and 11 points. Make a wish! Other positives to be accredited, we outrebounded the Dukes, 42-31with the help of Hill and Chol and won the game with a score of 67-59. Other than that, this game was a mess.com. Especially in the first half when Foggy went 1 for 5 and the cats tallied up a dismal 25% shooting percentage from the floor. Nick Johnson also missed 3 free throws but at least he still looked good doing it.  Sean Miller must have let Mike Stoops coach this game because we also picked up a horrific 20 turnovers. We basically wrapped up 19 points in pink gleaming wrapping paper, threw a bow on it and handed it to Duquesne on a silver platter soon as they started pressing us.
It was a beautiful day when point guard Josiah Turner committed to University of Arizona. He’s really made a reputation for himself but that was in high school and college athletics are a whole new ball game. Racking up 3 turnovers in the first half should be considered a sin for a point guard. Turner is really going to have to learn to handle the pressure in order to live up to our expectations. Were only a few games into the season though and no one, including myself, has given up hope on Turner.
Don’t worry though everyone Kyrl definitely lived up to our expectations as always. He was utterly useless. Again. And no people I’m not a hater, according to pointguardu.com “Kyryl Natyazhko was largely ineffective with limited minutes.” See? Everyone feels that way. I don’t know how they play basketball in the Ukraine but goodness gracious there is no way it could be like this. Kyryl’s hands are like Arizona kicker, Alex Zendejas’ feet. Completely unnecessary and a waste of limbs. But who am I to judge?
On a team of well known freshmen who everyone has more than high hopes for, the older players are cracking down to not go forgotten. Jordin Mayes and Jesse Perry are considered the forerunners for team leadership that is much needed with the absence of Momo Jones. Kyle Fogg is also know to have great games but so far is still as inconsistent as Lindsay Lohan being in and out of jail. Solomon Hill has been working hard in the paint getting boards but he definitely has more to give. Though we pulled the win out, sloppy starts and inconsistent play aren’t going to cut it in Pac-12 games. So far each game has had those one or two players who shine but the whole team is going to have to share the glory in order to stay in the rankings. Cats play the third and final game of the 2K Classic on Sunday against Ball State at 4 p.m. Can only hope to tighten it up and start looking a little more like Arizona basketball is meant to. Bear Down!

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