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Reality TV Shows as Zodiac Signs

Reality TV is the perfect binge-worthy shows for mindless entertainment and to get rid of your need for drama. Reality TV shows have their personal themes and personalities, mostly because of the prominent personalities that can appear on the shows. But with the prominent characters, it's interesting to see what zodiac signs would fit the overall characteristics of these TV shows. Here are the reality TV shows as zodiac signs:


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Aries love to be courageous and fiery, which is the perfect combination for participants on Ex on the Beach. The stars of this reality TV show are the perfect mix of staying independent and not caving into past relationships and being impulsive and. Willing to jump into anything. That is the standard way Aries handles things though.


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Siesta Key showcase a group of stubborn friends who love to treat themselves with money and gifts, while also hopping into relationships that may or may not be toxic for them. Their personalities are similar to those of a Taurus. Their determination means they can come across as argumentative, but most Taurus are seen that way anyways.


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Most cast members of Are You the One are adaptable in their search to find love and the “perfect match,” but they can also be highly indecisive in their search, which highlights the show's similarities to those of Geminis. They’re outgoing and can make situations fun, but they’re also intelligent enough to back off when needed; well, at least some. Geminis are never seen having a dull moment, but that’s what makes the show very entertaining.


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We all know how moody and emotional the Kardashians can be, which is why the show holds similar to characteristics of a Cancer. With their highly imaginative ways and their always new business ideas, the show highlights the personality traits of Cancer. Cancers are usually known to be very loyal as well, and that can also be seen through the relationship that Kardashian sisters have.


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Leos are known for being emotional and very dramatic which why the cast members of the reality TV show, Jersey Shore, are very similar to the traits of Leos. Leos are ruled by the sun and usually bring light and fun everywhere. That seems also to be the life that the Jersey Shore reality stars live.


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Love Island is remotely less dramatic than most reality TV shows, but that might because it’s British. Being remotely less climactic and more loyal and hardworking is why the show can be categorized as having similar traits to Virgos. Even though Virgos can be self-critical, they are very faithful, just like the stars of Love Island.


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Even though the reality TV show The Bachelor and their stars, the bachelors, can be very indecisive and love to test to the waters with all the potential women, Libras are the exact way in their social habits. In the end, though, most Bachelor stars are fair-minded similar to the traits of Virgos. 


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The TV show, Project Runway, and their stars are known to be very resourceful with their many creative challenges. Their strong attitudes are very similar to most Scorpios. Along with their stubborn positions that can be seen during the judging of their designs, they’re the perfect mix of a trouble-like Scorpio.


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Sagittarius is very aggressive, and that personality trait can be seen in the characters of Floridabama Shore. The TV show stars are very humorous and fun in their ways, which is very similar to Sagittarius’s. They’re very idealistic and wish the best for their summer with everyone, which highlights their similarities to Sagittarius’s. 


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Going on the Challenge, you must have specific characteristics of Capricorns, such as they have to be responsible and have self-control. Their competitive nature highlights another way they’re similar to Capricorns. Being disciplined helps increase the challenges of making it to the end of the TV show, which is another positive trait of Capricorns.


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The reality TV show stars of Summer House love seeming as independent actors love appearing independent and fun. Their motto is usually that its summer and they want to be single, which shows their right independent, fun side. The TV stars progressive attitude they have or adapted to by living in New York City highlights their commonalities to those who are Aquarius.


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Pisces are artistic which is a characteristic of Queer Eye. The regular lifestyle educators are compassionate and gentle in the ways they approach those with people who have different beliefs. The TV stars are very similar to the traits of Pisces.

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