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A Rant on Guys at the Gym

Dear U of A,
Ah, the gym.  A place where girls on their ellipticals can gaze openly at the hot and sweaty benchers, lifters, and pull-uppers below them without being called stalkers.  I go to the gym everyday, and there is nothing that passes time on the machines more then watching tan, bulging muscles pump iron. 
            I know what you’re thinking.  Where is this crazy girl going with this?  This has nothing to do with fashion.  Chill out, I’m getting there.
There are two types of guys that frequent the U of A gym.  First we have our McHotties with their west coast tans, abs you could cut glass on, and biceps of a Greek god.  Then you have the others.  Our pale wiry McSkinnies that probably rely a lot on their personalities.  Now, I have no problem with either guy.  I am glad the skinnier guys go to the gym and I understand that they are there in the first place to bulk up and work their way into McHottie-hood.  Now, here’s the problem.  Both the McSkinnies and the McHotties seem to have the same dress code; An old shirt who’s sleeves have been cut all the way down to the bottom of the shirt, exposing the stomach and arms for all to see. 
            McHotties, keep doing what you’re doing, you look great.
            McSkinnies, come on! That is just not flattering.  The fluorescent gym lights are reflecting off your pale white skin and blinding me.  No one is mistaking your rib cages for abs, if that is what you were trying to go for.  The fact that you are wearing this cut up shirt makes you look like a tool for trying to show off what-honey-you certainly don’t have.  I am so proud of you for trying to bulk up and going to the gym in the first place, but until you look like your frat bro over there, bench pressing what looks like double my weight, put on a real shirt.  You are only succeeding in making the McHotties look better. 
            McSkinnies, you know who you are.  And if you don’t, its time to look in a mirror and reality check yourself.  Is your skin so white you can see your veins through it?  Do your arms look like two rake handles sticking out of your shirt?  Can you count the spaces between your ribs? Think about it….
Haylie Gabs
P.S.  I realize that this site is called HERcampus and we probably do not have many male readers.  But I needed to get this off my chest.  The girls get a break this week J  So, I hope you enjoyed this rant and feel free to pass it on to any McSkinnies you may know.  

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