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A Rant on Flakey Scalps

Dear U of A,
Dandruff.  Don’t feel bad, we’ve all been there.  And while I realize this isn’t technically a fashion fo-paux, it is really hard to actually pay attention to what’s going on with your outfit when it looks like it just snowed on your shoulders.  Attractive? I think not.
Guys should be able to feel like they can run a hand through your locks without having to worry about their hand being coated in dead skin cells. Ugh. Not cute.
There are many reason’s you might be having this problem.  You could be not thoroughly rinsing after you shampoo or conditioner, your could be allergic to a product your using, you could be not washing your hair enough (if this is you, ew. Take a shower.), etc.
Now, the obvious answer to your flaky little problems is to run to Target and grab an anti-dandruff shampoo like Head and Shoulders.
But maybe you don’t have a car, or you’re a little low on dough, or you are one of the people who don’t wash their hair enough and are just lazy.  There are some home remedies you can try, to go from scaly flakester to healthy and smooth.
You could:
-Be careful with your hair products.  First of all, your skin might be allergic or sensitive to the chemicals in your shampoo.  Before you go all crazy with the remedies, you may simply need to change your shampoo brand. Also, be careful about putting conditioner on your scalp.  If you do not get it all out after you rinse, the residue can build up and end up looking like dandruff.  Personally, I only put conditioner on my hair from the nape of my neck, down.
-Rinse your hair with lime juice after your last conditioner or shampoo rinse in the shower.  Something about the acid in the juice really helps to break down the skin cells.  Plus your hair will smell nice and refreshing.  Or like a tequila shot.  Whatever.
-Massage vinegar into your scalp an hour before you hit the showers.  It is one of the best home remedies for dandruff. But, uh, be careful with this one. You could end up walking out of the house smelling like you just rolled around in a plate of salt and vinegar chips.  That could be worse then the dandruff.  At least for the people who have to smell you.
-Take more showers.  Gosh.

Haylie Gabs

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