A Quirky And Fun Sense Of Style


Kaitlin Morris’s style is anything but ordinary. A junior studying psychology, Kaitlin likes to mix up her every day wardrobe with “spunky” and interesting clothing choices. For her, it’s all about having fun. It’s effortless.

Kaitlin does most of her shopping at Forever 21, but finds cute clothes anywhere she goes.

“I remember how much all of my clothes cost. Is that weird?” Kaitlin said.

She explained that she also loves making her outfits functional, often layering cute blouses and sweaters over fitness clothes like leggings and tank tops so she can work out on the go. One thing is absolutely certain: you will never see Kaitlin in a dull outfit.


Kaitlin’s outfit:

Jumper: Tucson Thrift Store

Yellow sweater: American Eagle

Leggings: Target

Boots: the Men’s section of Forever 21